A Revelation in New York City

A true story about endless mimosas

A Revelation in New York City

I slowly open my eyes from what felt like a deep slumber. Where the hell am I? I see my boyfriend sleeping next to me. He appears to be breathing. Thank God. I slowly sit up and my head is pounding. Where am I??...

I’m slowly falling over. I can feel my body drifting as I attempt to stay alert. I’m plastered out of my mind and it’s only 3 o’clock. He is sitting in front of me telling me to sit up straight before we get kicked out of the restaurant. I know I’m in New York, I know I came to an “endless mimosas” brunch. I also know that I’m going to throw up. I’m not sure why I decided to drink so much, especially on an empty stomach.
“Is she okay?” The waitress utters.
 I can barely make out her face. The room is spinning and I feel as if I’m hovering over my body from above.
“She’s fine, can we get some water?” my boyfriend utters.
 The waitress returns and slams down the glass. The sounds of people laughing, cutting their Eggs Benedict, and the smell of pancakes disperses around the room.

As I sit up and start to look around, I hear an array of noises coming from the couple next to me. They’re arguing about paint colors and how the woman wants to become a vegan, while she’s making a sandwich. I wake my boyfriend to make sure he’s alright. As he wakes he slowly sits up and I can see his body spinning.
“Where are we?” he asks.
 “I think we’re in CentralPark” I say, pointing to an obvious sign in front of us.
 “How did we get here?” he asks.
 “Well, we were drinking endless mimosas at the Restaurant, we must have walked
over here and fallen asleep”.
 He looks like he’s trying to process the information I just gave him.

 Everyone seems to be having such a good time. They’re all laughing and enjoying themselves, meanwhile he is trying to make sure I don’t fall asleep. My mind is cloudy, yet racing all over the place. I find the strength and eventually get up to go to the bathroom. As I stand, the blood rushes to my head and I feel like i’m going to fall but I quickly grab the wall to keep my balance. I knock on the bathroom door to make sure nobody is inside. I walk in and lock the door behind me. Wow, I look atrocious. My hair looks like I just rolled out of bed, my breath smell and tastes like rubbing alcohol, and to make matters worse, my dress is tucked into my bra. Perfect. As I look into the mirror I can no longer focus on anything except for the fact that I feel like i’m going to vomit. I feel the sensation of the alcohol rising up and down my esophagus. The bile taste in my mouth is terribly unsettling. My head is pounding and my heart feels like its going to fall out of my chest. I feel dizzy, hot, and oddly excited. I leave the bathroom with an unexpected spring in my step. I have a smile on my face, that just won’t leave.
“Are you okay? Should we go?”
“I’m really dizzy, yet excited. We should leave before we get kicked out”. We get the bill and my body is in overdrive as I stand up. I can sense people looking at me as we leave the restaurant.

 As I stand to stretch, he has already fallen back asleep. I
look around my surrounding and see the sun setting. People are packing up their picnic baskets, throwing away trash and staring into the sky.
“Wake up! We need to get out of here, we’re sleeping in Central Park!” I yell.
 He gets up and looks around. He has a dumbfounded confused look on his face. We look at each other and laugh.
 “Did we just get drunk off mimosas, belligerently walk over to Central Park, and fall asleep without realizing any of it? he asks.
 I turn to him, putting on my sunglasses, and say “That we did”.

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